Patreon Bonus Episode #10: SNEAKERS


“Hello. Our Name Is…The Suspense Is Killing Us Patreon…Our Voice Is Our…Passport? Verify. Us.”

We discuss everyone’s favorite movie they don’t know is their favorite movie! There are decidedly not too many secrets over here at Suspense Central as we talk about this uniformly amazing cast, movies as comfort food, incessantly rattle off our favorite lines, discuss Ben Kingsley’s bizarre accent, and are (very) mildly critical of the film’s 90s Centrist Left politics.

Give it a listen, and all we ask in return is a Winnebago, a full-paid trip to Europe (and Tahiti), peace on Earth and goodwill toward men (and women), and that girl with the Uzi’s phone number.

Patreon Bonus Episode: Bordello Of Blood

Ghoul day, ladies and gentle-worms! Today’s putrid Patreon helping is a tale as old as slime itself! We dive headfirst into the muck of a movie you could kindly call “unnecessary” and unkindly call “the worst movie ever made!” A wretched star-vehicle for an even more wretched star who, by all accounts, wouldn’t have been caught dead in this picture, if not for the blood-buckets of money poured at his feet! So, have your vomit bags handy, and join us for the tale of the tale of…BORDELLO OF BLOOD! It’s a real horror-show! Hee! Hee! Hee!